Tea Lights, Matches and a Wick Trimmer
Soy Wax can wash up with warm soapy water, making cleaning up a spill easy. Also, when your candle has reached its end, scoop out the wax and wick, throw them away, and wash up the container to repurpose as a planter, pen holder, or any other storage solution you may need. 

    Don't burn your candle below the last half an inch of wax. The wick should run out to prevent this. Burning past the last half an inch can cause the jar to become too hot resulting in the glass to shatter, or discolouration of the surface the candle is on.  


    Candle Care Instructions: 

    For the first burn, allow the candle to burn for 2-4 hours, this allows the wick to fully absorb fragrance for each burn after and creates a memory on the melt pool. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. If you would like to burn the candle longer, extinguish, wait an hour and relight.

    Before lighting, ensure that the wick is trimmed to ¼ of an inch, (a wick trimmer is recommended, but scissors will work just fine) this keeps the flame from being too high and helps to keep the candle clean. Trim off any carbon build up, and keep the candle free from any debris.

    Discolouration, lumpy tops and frosting (white crystallization) are a natural occurrence of using pure soy wax. This is normal and can vary depending on the fragrance used. This does not affect the burning of the candle.

    Keep candles out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration and melting.

    To prevent smoke while extinguishing your candle, use a wick dipper, a metal chopstick or something similar to dip the wick into the wax and pull it back upwards.